Feiras e Eventos

Santarém because it is located in a road that connects the North with the South of the country and the Atlantic coast to the interior, and because it is the Capital of a Region very diversified, it centers in itself the accomplishment of innumerable events of National and International relevance and for disposing With ample spaces and easy access, is the scene of a variety of business meetings that bring together its operatives and clients.

The agro-industrial sector has in Ribatejo some of the biggest agents in the sector and, thanks to the continuous modernization, leads the production of many food products.

Throughout the year, the CNEMA (National Center of Exhibitions and Agricultural Markets, S.A) holds many events and events that for more or less days attract a large number of exhibitors and visitors to the city.


National Agriculture Fair – CNEMA
National Gastronomy Festival – Casa do Campino
FITIJ – Theaters and Public Spaces